Soccer Almanac

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League Index

Name Abbreviation Years
American Association Football League AAFL 1894-1894
American Association of Professional Football AAPF 1894-1894
American League of Professional Football ALPF 1894-1894
American Soccer League ASL 1921-1929
American Soccer League ASL 1929-1983
American Soccer League ASL 1988-1989
Eastern Association Football League EAFL 1909-1910
Eastern Soccer Conference ESC 1964-1965
Eastern Soccer League ESL 1928-1931
Lone Star Soccer Alliance LSSA 1987-1992
Major Soccer League MSL 1978-1992
National Association Football League NAFL 1895-1900
National Independent Soccer Association NISA 2019-present
North American Soccer Football League NASFL 1946-1947
North American Soccer League NASL 1967-1985
United Soccer League USL 1984-1985
Western Soccer League WSL 1985-1989
Women's Professional Soccer WPS 2009-2011
Womens United Soccer Association WUSA 2001-2003

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