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WSL 1924 season

Dec. 2, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

The Wisconsin State Football Association held the 1923-24 state cup competition during September and October of 1923. The MacWhyte club had held the state cup for three consecutive years and would take permanent possession of the cup if they beat a reorganized Simmons team in the final. The two teams met on Sunday, October 14, 1923 at Simmons Athletic Field. With 350 in attendance, the match ende...

WSFA 1921-22 and 1922-23 seasons

Dec. 2, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

Following the abbreviated 1920-21 season, the Wisconsin State Football Association - Lake Shore Soccer League met in late September 1921 and attempted to organize the 1921-22 league season with only three teams - Horlick of Racine and MacWhyte and Simmons of Kenosha. With soccer players from Racine, Kenosha and Zion City leaving the area due to industrial conditions, the league was not able to lau...

WSFA-LSAFL 1920-21 season

Nov. 28, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

The Lake Shore Association Football League reorganized for the 1920-21 season. During the summer, the league negotiated with a number of Milwaukee teams (including Falk Company, Allis Chalmers and Indian Motorcycle) to join the league. The league also considered establishing a First and Second Division. The former would be made up of stars and veterans while the latter would be composed of amateur...

WSFA-LSAFL 1919-20 season

Nov. 28, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

The Lake Shore Association Football League met during July of 1919 for the first time in two years. The league was dormant during the 1918-19 season due to the lack of players available. On July 28, 1919 the league met at Horlick's club rooms in Racine. The league reorganized for the 1919-20 season and, as it had the privilege of becoming affiliated with the U.S.F.A., decided to change its name to...

LSAFL 1917-18 season

Sept. 5, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

Prior to the 1917-18 Lake Shore Association Football League season, the MacWhyte team disbanded and many players moved to the Simmons team. The Jeffery team also left the league. The Horlick-Racine and Simmons team returned along with the Riverdale team from Kenosha and a team from Zion City, Ill. nicknamed the Magpies. The fall 1917 LSAFL season ran from Sunday September 23, 1917 to Sunday Nov...

Inaugural LSAFL 1916-17 season

Sept. 5, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

The annual general meeting of the Milwaukee and District Association Football League was held on March 18, 1916 at the Blatz Hotel in Milwaukee. Because traveling expenses were such a hardship, the organization decided to reorganized and split into two leagues each with four club - one for Milwaukee teams and one for Kenosha and Racine teams. The Kenosha and District Association Football League...

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