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LSAFL 1917-18 season

Sept. 5, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

Prior to the 1917-18 Lake Shore Association Football League season, the MacWhyte team disbanded and many players moved to the Simmons team. The Jeffery team also left the league. The Horlick-Racine and Simmons team returned along with the Riverdale team from Kenosha and a team from Zion City, Ill. nicknamed the Magpies.

The fall 1917 LSAFL season ran from Sunday September 23, 1917 to Sunday November 4, 1917. The Simmons team ended the six-game fall season undefeated and three points ahead of second-place Horlick-Racine. The three Wisconsin teams took part in the second Wisconsin state cup. The Horlicks beat Simmons in the first round on October 14 and blanked Riverdale in the final 4-0 on November 11.

The spring half of the season was scheduled to start on Sunday, April 21, 1918, but, the team rosters were made thin by men leaving for the Great War. By April, he Horlick club had 23 of its 35 members in the military and only four players were available for the spring season. The Simmons team was in a similar situation. All of their players from Cherry, Ill. were not available and those miners were the backbone of the team. In the first week of April, Horlick decided to withdraw from the league and the rest of the teams followed suit ending the season.

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