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WSL 1924 season

Dec. 2, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

The Wisconsin State Football Association held the 1923-24 state cup competition during September and October of 1923. The MacWhyte club had held the state cup for three consecutive years and would take permanent possession of the cup if they beat a reorganized Simmons team in the final. The two teams met on Sunday, October 14, 1923 at Simmons Athletic Field. With 350 in attendance, the match ended in a 1-1 draw following a 30-minute overtime. The next Sunday, MacWhyte beat Simmons on the same field to win the state cup tournament and take permanent possession of the Uihlein Trophy.

Simmons again entered the National Challenge Cup, but, after a bye in the first round, lost to the Canadian Club of Chicago 2-0 on November 11, 1923 at Simmons Athletic Field. The team would again disband.

The Wisconsin State Football Association met on November 15, 1923 at Milwaukee and revived the state league. The league included eight total clubs and, for the first time, a majority were from Milwaukee. Horlick and Viking A.C. joined from Racine as well as MacWhyte of Kenosha. The Milwaukee clubs were the American, British, Canadian club, Falk Corporation, Hungarian A.C., Milwaukee Vikings and F.C. Wacker.

The Wisconsin Soccer League opened its 14-game schedule in April of 1924. The plan was for each team to play seven games in the spring and seven in the fall. At the conclusion of the fall part of the schedule, the new William Horlick Sr. cup would be awarded to the team with the best record.

After three matches, the MacWhytes were suspended from the state league. The team had been temporarily suspended by the U.S.F.A. for breach of rules due to unsportsmanlike conduct on the field during its last two league matches.

The spring season ended in late May with F.C. Wacker winning the state league. The team led at the close of the season and needed only the WSFA's refusal of a Falk Corp. portest to give them undisputed right to the title. On June 21, 1924, a banquet was held in Milwaukee by representatives of the state league and the William Horlick Cup was presented to the Wacker team. The state league would not play its fall schedule as the WSFA organized a completely new state league in August of that year.

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