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NESL 1923-24 season

Oct. 20, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

After being inactive for the 1921-22 season, the Southern New England League met in the summer of 1923 to organize for the 1923-24 season. Officials decided to rename the league as the New England Soccer League in order to avoid confusion with the Southern New England Football Association. Seven clubs entered the league. Sayles returned after winning the Pawtucket and District League. Fore Rive...

SNEL 1921-22 season

Oct. 19, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

The Southern New England League went down to only four clubs for the 1921-22 season. In the offseason, J. & P. Coats F.C. left to join the major league American Soccer League and Crompton F.C. left to join a local Rhode Island League. St. Michael's of Fall River returned to join Fall River Rovers, Fore River F.C. of Quincy, and Saylesville F.C. of Rhode Island. The Rovers had been considered to...

SNEL 1920-21 season

Oct. 14, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

During the summer of 1920, a proposed fully professional east coast league was seriously floated. J. & P. Coats F.C, Fall River Rovers and Fore River F.C. were all in line to join. With the Rovers on the fence, Fore River and Coats declined the opportunity and the league never came to fruition. Prior to the 1920-21 Southern New England League season, the Sayles Finishing Plant F.C. of Saylesvil...

SNEL 1919-20 season

Oct. 11, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

In the summer of 1919, after a season away, the Southern New England League made tentative plans to operate for the 1919-20 soccer season. Six clubs returned from the 1918-19 season: Fall River Rovers; New Bedford F.C.; New Bedford Celtics; J. & P. Coats F.C.; Fore River F.C.; and Crompton F.C. Two new clubs were added to bring the league up to eight members. The General Electric F.C. from Lynn...

SNEL 1917-18 season

Oct. 6, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

The Southern New England League expected to enter the 1917-18 season with the same eight clubs from the prior season, but the Howard & Bullough club withdrew and disbanded just before the season began in September. Previously that summer, the U.S.F.A. had ruled that the Southern New England FA could not limit its clubs to only two cup competitions. A faction of the SNEFA pushed to leave the organi...

SNEL 1916-17 season

Sept. 30, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

All seven clubs from the prior season returned for the 1916-17 Southern New England League season. The league originally awarded a franchise to a newly organized Providence Grays team. But, when that club was deemed unable to compete, Providence was dropped and the franchise was awarded to Crompton F.C. from Rhode Island. The Crompton club had won the championship of the Rhode Island league three ...

SNEL 1915-16 season

Sept. 26, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

Along with Taunton City F.C. (which left the league at the late May annual meeting), Pawtucket F.C. dropped out of the Southern New England League before the 1915-16 season. Those two clubs were replaced by four others: Fall River Rovers; Fore River F.C. of Quincy, Mass.; Howard & Bullough F.C. of Pawtucket, R.I.; and Pan-American F.C. of Fall River. The latter was a reorganized version of a club ...

Inaugural SNEL 1914-15 season

Sept. 22, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

In its second season as an organization, the Southern New England Football Association organized the Southern New England League during the summer of 1914. Seven clubs joined the league: J. & P. Coats F.C. from Pawtucket; New Bedford F.C.; Pawtucket F.C.; Taunton City F.C.; the Young Men's Catholic Total Abstinence Society F.C. of New Bedford; Fall River Rovers and Greystone from North Providence....

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