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USISL W-League 1997 season

March 20, 2023 |  Categories:  USL   Women's soccer  

In mid-1996, the USISL incorporated in Florida as USISL, Inc. which led to a merger between the USISL and the Division II American Professional Soccer League (aka the A-League) which was completed in October of 1996. The new A-League would be a division of the USISL beginning with the 1997 season. The USISL A-League was sanctioned by the USSF as a Division II professional league and was the highes...

USWISL 1996 season

Jan. 26, 2023 |  Categories:  USL   Women's soccer  

The second full season of the USWISL, better known as the W League, say the league still finding its footing. The organization began to coalesce around a core group of around 10 to 12 clubs while still dealing with an amount of turnover of expansion teams. The W League lost six teams from the 1995 season but added 11 more for the 1996 competition. The 24-team league was split into three confere...

USWISL 1995 season

Dec. 22, 2022 |  Categories:  USL   Women's soccer  

The United States Interregional Soccer League held its annual general meeting during the 1994 season Sizzlin' Nine weekend. The organization voted on taking up a new name and setup beginning with the 1994-95 indoor season. The organization would be four separate leagues aligned under the United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues umbrella. The leagues would be a professional men's league, an ama...

USWISL 1994 season

May 10, 2022 |  Categories:  USL   Women's soccer  

In December of 1993, USISL commissioner Francisco Marcos recommended that the organization begin a women's soccer program on an informal and voluntary basis in 1994 with plans for an official league to be launched starting in 1995. Around 17 women's teams played a pilot program of exhibition matches under the USISL umbrella which was called the United States Women's Interregional Soccer League. Mo...

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