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SLSL 1927-28 season

Feb. 7, 2022 |  Categories:  SLSL   St. Louis  

Prior to the 1927-28 St. Louis Soccer League season, J. G. Barrett, the long-time vice president of the Soccer and Exhibition Co. of St. Louis, sold his interests in the company to Willie Foley, manager of Ben Miller. Foley continued to lead the Hatters as well as being a director of the circuit. The season again played Sunday doubleheaders at Sportsman's Park. The league began being referred to as the St. Louis Professional Soccer League on a regular basis.

In other offseason changes, Harry McCarthy's team, formerly the White Banner Malts, found a new sponsor and became the Morgan Haulers. John Marre, former player and manager of Municipal League teams, purchased the franchise owned by Ursula Ratican. Marre took over active management of the team and retained Harry J. Ratican as manager and captain. Marre found a new sponsor of the team which was renamed Tabler F.C. (or more commonly, Tabler Cleaners).

In addition, all four teams sported new uniforms: Wellston (managed by Tate Brady) in solid blue; Ben Miller retained their green; Tablers in flaming red; and Morgan Haulers in purple, gold and white. Tabler won the league title and, on March 11, 1928 before 4500 at Sportsman's Park, beat the Angelicas, champions of the Municipal League, 2-0 to take the ctiy title.

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