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SLSFL 1910-11 season

Jan. 6, 2022 |  Categories:  SLSFL   St. Louis  

Prior to the St. Louis Soccer Football League 1910-11 season, Phil Riley, manager of St. Teresa's, changed the name of the team to the Grand-Athletic Soccer Football Club. But, two weeks before the start of the season, internal strife led to the league officially dropping the Grand Athletics from membership. The Columbus Club, representing a team of Knights of Columbus players and managed by John "King" Finnegan, was admitted in their place. Riley attempted to organized a rival league, but the Grand Athletics disbanded before they were able to play and their star players were signed by three SLSFL teams at the end of October.

The SLSFL had two new competitors during the season: the St. Louis University League and the St. Louis Association Football League. The number of professional teams diluted the available player pool and St. Leo's easily won their third straight league title. In a postseason series for the city championship, the St. Teresa amateur champs managed to tie St. Leo's 2-2 at Athletic Park on March 12, 1911. In the following match, St. Leo's crushed St. Teresa's 9-1 before the 4,000 in attendance on March 19 to retain the city championship.

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