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SLSFL 1909-10 season

Jan. 6, 2022 |  Categories:  SLSFL   St. Louis  

The St. Louis Soccer League continued as the top professional league in St. Louis for the 1909-10 season. The four teams remained the same from the prior season with only a couple of minor changes. The Thistles were renamed the Blue Bells and the West Ends, managed by Dan Broderick, became a new Innisfails team. St. Teresa's almost withdrew from the league in late January due to manager Phil Riley's contention that St. Leo's and its manager, William Klosterman, practically ran the league.

The teams played a 15-game schedule of Sunday doubleheaders at Athletic Park. St. Leo's edged St. Teresa's by three points to take their second league title in a row. A four-team postseason championship series was played. St. Leo's beat St. Teresa's 4-1 in the first semifinal at Athletic Park. But, when the St. Teresa Juniors, champions of the Amateur League, upset the Keen Kutters, winners of the new Association Football League of St. Louis, 4-2 at Kulage's Park, the final was called off and St. Leo's retained the city championship.

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