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SLSFL 1908-09 season

Jan. 6, 2022 |  Categories:  SLSFL   St. Louis  

The old Association Football League of St. Louis disbanded following the 1907-08 season. City champions, St. Leo's, jumped from that league to the professional St. Louis Soccer Football League. Both of these changed made the SLSFL the top soccer league in St. Louis. In the offseason, Thomas Cahill left the SLSFL and helped organize another professional league, the St. Louis Soccer League.

Innisfails decided not to sponsor a soccer team for the 1908-09 season and St. Matthew's dropped out of the league. St. Leo's and the West Ends, a team of the best young players in St. Louis managed by Dan Broderick, replaced them. St. Teresa's and the Thistles returned from the prior season. St, Leo's won the SLSFL season title and, on March 21, 1909, defeated the New Tariffs team, the winners of the SLSL, 6-2 at Kulage's Park to retain the St. Louis city championship.

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