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Inaugural SLSFL 1907-08 season

Jan. 4, 2022 |  Categories:  SLSFL   St. Louis  

St. Louis did not have a fully professional league during the 1906-07 season. The St. Louis Soccer Football League was organized for the 1907-08 to fill that void. Dr. Alexander Murray was elected president and Thomas Cahill was secretary of the new league. Cahill did not desire peace with the top league at that team, the Association Football League of St. Louis, and was no shy in inducing players to jump to the SLSFL. The four-team league was made up of Innisfails (practically the entire roster of Scottish players from the Thistles of Benld, Ill.), St. Matthew's (previously in the Parish League), St. Teresa's, and the Thistles (previously from the Saturday Afternoon League).

The league was a success playing Sunday doubleheaders at Athletic Park. Innisfails won the league title and faced AFLSL champs, St. Leo's, in a three-game series for the city championship. While the Innisfails pulled a minor upset in the first match, drawing St. Leo's 1-1 in front of 5000 at Kulage's Park, St. Leo's won the second and third matches in easy fashion at Athletic Park to retain the championship of St. Louis.

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