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Inaugural ASFL 1911-12 season

Dec. 30, 2021 |  Categories:  ASFL   St. Louis  

Following the demise of the St. Louis University Soccer League and the St. Louis Association Football League, a new league playing matches at Kulage's Park, the American Soccer Football League, organized to compete against the now-dominant St. Louis Soccer Football League. The teams involved were St. Teresa's (from the St. Louis University League), New Cathedral (from the Triple A League), O'Learys and Harry L. Yawitz (both from the SLAFL).

The January 22, 1912 match between the O'Learys and New Cathedrals was stopped in the second half due to a brawl with the O'Learys up 1-0. The New Cathedrals then failed to report for their next match the following Sunday and forfeited against Yawitz. The New Cathedrals withdrew from the league just after. The league attempted to get St. Rose's to fill the vacancy but the following weekend's matches were postponed due to cold weather and snow. The league did not schedule any more matches and the O'Learys were declared champions.

On February 18, the O'Learys played St. Augustine, champions of the North End League, at Kulage's Park with the winner to play St. Leo's for the city championship. O'Learys won the match 3-0 but called off the game against St. Leo's because they declined to split their share of gate receipts with the St. Mark's team playing in that day's doubleheader.

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