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Inaugural SLAFL 1910-11 season

Dec. 29, 2021 |  Categories:  SLAFL   St. Louis  

When the St. Louis Soccer Football League decided to drop the Grand Athletics (formerly the St. Teresas) after the 1909-10 season, manager Phil Riley moved to organized a new league to play at Kulage's Park along with Hibernian A.C.. The Grand Athletics disbanded before the season started but the St. Louis Association Football League was organized with the Hibernians, O'Learys (formerly the Kinlochs), Harry L. Yawitz, and Highland A.C. teams. Henry Kulage was elected president of the new league.

Games began early November but only three weeks into the season Henry Kulage resigned as president and Morris Engel elected to the vacancy. In late December, the O'Learys and Highland A.C. dropped out of the league and were replaced by the Holy Rosary and Harrison teams.

The league decided to split the season into two halves with the Spalding trophy going to the winners of the first series and the C.M. Hanaway trophy to the winners of the second series. The Harry L. Yawitz team ended up winning both halves and taking home both trophies.

Having won the league title Yawitz took part in a four-club postseason series to determine the city champions. The team played St. Rose's (champions of the amateur) league on March 12 at St. Louis University Park, but lost 4-2.

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