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Inaugural AFLSL 1909-10 season

Dec. 28, 2021 |  Categories:  AFLSL   St. Louis  

When the St. Louis Soccer League ended after a single season, Henry Kulage organized a new Association Football League of St. Louis to play doubleheaders at Kulage's Park. Buck Chapman was elected president and Thomas Cahill as secretary. The four teams admitted as members were Holy Name, Knights of Father Matthew, Keen Kutters (previously in the Saturday Afternoon League), and Duwell Athletic Club (previously in the South Side Soccer League).

The Keen Kutters, which took their name from a trademarked brand of tools from the Simmons Hardware Company, easily won the league championship. They club took part in a postseason series for the city championship but lost 4-2 to the St. Teresa Juniors, champions of the St. Louis Amateur League, on March 20, 1910. A couple of days before the city championship match, Thomas W. Cahill left St. Louis as his work at the A.G. Spalding Company meant a move to the east coast.

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