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AFLSL 1906-07 season

Dec. 14, 2021 |  Categories:  AFLSL   St. Louis  

Prior to the 1906-07 season, the Amateur Association Football League was renamed as the Association Football League of St. Louis. During the prior season, unlike most St. Louis leagues, the AAFL played out its schedule and fulfilled its obligations. The only noticeable change other than the name was the league eliminated the A.A.U. from its affairs due to the difficulty in finding players that fit under the A.A.U.'s strict definition of amateurism.

Again playing doubleheaders on Sundays at Kulage Park, the AFLSL was the top St. Louis soccer league for the 1906-07 since both the professional leagues had dissolved before the prior season ended. For the first time in a while, the 1906-07 St. Louis soccer season would have no professional league in operation. Only the Minstrels returned from the prior season. St. Leo's and St. Rose's both returned while a new team joined - the Nugents, sponsored by the big retail dry goods store.

By the time it joined the AFLSL, St. Leo's was the best amateur club in St. Louis. Two seasons prior, it had won the West End League without losing a match and the prior season won the new Parish League also without dropping a match. St. Leo's easily won the AFLSL championship and then beat St. Matthew's, winner of the Parish League, and St. Teresa's, an independent club, to claim the title of city champions. But, in the final match of their season, St. Leo's was blanked 2-0 by a team from Benld, Ill. made up of expatriate Scottish players working in local mines.

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