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SLFA 1905-06 season

Dec. 3, 2021 |  Categories:  SLFA   St. Louis  

With the disbanding of the Association Football League of St. Louis, the St. Louis Football Association was the sole professional soccer league operating in the city for the 1905-06 season. Four clubs made up the league as the schedule opened on October 29th: North End A.C.; Shamrocks; South Ends; and West End A.C. The league split matches each Sunday at South Side Park and Sportsman's Park. Cycling Club and Rangers joined the league prior to the second week of games taking the league to six clubs.

After three weeks of matches, the league reorganized. On November 14th, the league elected a new set of officers, and two teams, Cycling Club and South Ends, surrendered their franchises and withdrew. The new four-club league began a new competition on November 19th playing doubleheaders at Sportsman's Park. The league abandoned South Side Park due to poor playing conditions which, prior to the reorganization, led the West Ends to refuse to play their second and third matches.

After a month's worth of matches, the league disbanded on January 2nd in large part to expel the Shamrocks which were seen to be an "undesirable element". A new SLFA was temporarily reorganized at the same meeting in hopes of restarting the competition but such an organization never materialized.

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