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SLAFL 1903-04 season

Dec. 2, 2021 |  Categories:  SLAFL   St. Louis  

C.B.C. and Diels resigned as members of the St. Louis Association Football League prior to the 1903-04 season. Rawlings and Spaldings, managed by Thomas W. Cahill, were selected to fill the vacancies. The league season began October 18, 1903 with double-headers held every Sunday at Sportsman's Park.

After the January 10th gameday, the franchise held by the Sportsmans was transferred to the R. J. Leacock Supply Company. The team, named the Leacocks, would pick up the standings and schedule of the Sportsmans. In addition, the team and roster of players formerly representing Sportsmans would represent Leacocks. The league disbanded on February 25, 1904 due to numerous fights on the field which led to the revoking of the league's permit to play at Sportsman's Park.

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