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BMSL 1949-50 season

Nov. 27, 2021 |  Categories:  Baltimore   BMSL  

For the 1950-51 Baltimore Major Soccer League season, Combined Taverns, Kelly Buick (coached by Cal Ermer who was also the coach of University of Baltimore), and Pompei replaced Serra's Cafe, Esso, and Reisterstown which dropped out at the conclusion of the prior season. This kept the league at the desired roster of eight clubs.

Pompei was the biggest addition to the BMSL. Formed in 1940 and organized by the Our Lady of Pompei Church on Claremont Street, Pompei had won 11 trophies since its founding and was the best city soccer club at the time. Upon joining the BMSL, Pompei was fielding three teams - one each in the BMSL, the Baltimore Unlimited League, and the junior league.

Pompei would quickly show its talent and win the first-half title going unbeaten with only one draw. Davis Tavern disbanded in early January in spite of having only two games to go to complete its season schedule. The second half was even better with Pompei winning all seven games. Having won both halves, no playoff was needed and Pompei was crowned BMSL champion. Antlitz Seafood won the Lou Smith trophy given to the team with the most points during the regular season excluding the champion.

But, the league title was not enough for Pompei. The club took the local treble beating Antlitz 2-1 to win the Stewart Cup and Martin's Bakery of Washington, D.C. 4-2 to win the Rowland Cup.

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