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WSSFL 1938 season

Dec. 17, 2022 |  Categories:  Wisconsin   WSSFL  

The Wisconsin State Soccer Football League failed to organize in the fall of 1937. The Wisconsin State Football Association met in February of 1938 to discuss reorganization of the state league. The WSFA saw the reorganization of the WSSFL as an attempt to restore soccer in the state of Wisconsin to the prominence it held during the period through 1930 when interest in the sport began to decline.

Six teams joined the league. The Milwaukee teams were the Bayern Bright Spots, Wacker Delta Quality Tools, Hungarian Tigers, and Lake Shore Oil Co. (the sponsored name of the Hungarian A.C. team). Racine had the other two teams - Deutscher Sport Club and Dania Viking A.C. The Dania Hall Society Club of Racine had taken over the old Viking team in early 1938. The Hungarian Tigers dropped out just before the season started. The remaining five teams played a single round-robin in May of 1938 with the Deutschers of Racine winning the title and going undefeated.

On October 17, 1937, the Deutscher Sport Club of Racine beat the Wacker Deltas 3-1 on Wacker field in the preliminary round of National Challenge Cup qualifying. But, on January 16, 1938 the Deutschers lost 6-4 to the newly-organized Schlitz team of Milwaukee on Bayern Field in the first round proper of the NCC tournament.

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