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WSSFL 1936-37 season

Dec. 16, 2022 |  Categories:  Wisconsin   WSSFL  

The Wisconsin Soccer Football League barely survived to play the 1936-37 season. Half the teams from the prior season left during the offseason. The Deutscher Sport Club first team and F.C. Bayern second team (both of Milwaukee) went to the Milwaukee Municipal League. The Deutscher Sport Club of Racine and Simmons of Kenosha dropped down to the Lake Shore Soccer League, and F.C. Bayern of Sheboygan returned to the Eastern Wisconsin League.

The remaining five teams were all from Milwaukee: Bayern-Schlitz; Capitol Building Supply; Vienna A.C.; F.C. Wacker first team (renamed the Wacker Deltas); and F.C. Wacker second team (renamed the Wacker Hollywood Recreations). The teams played in only one division. Vienna A.C. won the season title by two points over the Wacker Deltas.

Vienna A.C. made it out of the Wisconsin National Challenge Cup qualifiers beating the Wackers and Deutschers in the first two rounds. Vienna then beat the Wilson Certified team 2-1 on November 29, 1936 to qualify for the NCC first round proper. But the Viennas were beaten in the first round 3-1 in extra time by Sparta of Chicago on January 17, 1937 before 2000 at Sparta Stadium.

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