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WSSFL 1935-36 season

Dec. 15, 2022 |  Categories:  Wisconsin   WSSFL  

Otto Reiss, president of the Wisconsin State Soccer Football League, was elected president of the Wisconsin State Football Association by acclamation at the organization's annual meeting on May 27, 1935. Reiss was re-elected president of the WSSFL at its annual meeting on July 9, 1935.

The WSSFL was down to 10 teams total for the 1935-36 season. Division A dropped to five teams with the losses of Hungarian Tigers to the Milwaukee Municipal League, Kenosha Sport Club's withdrawal, Sheboygan Sports Club to the Eastern Wisconsin League, and Viking A.C. of Racine moving to the Lake Shore League. Division B grew one team to five with the addition of Simmons Blues of Kenosha from the Lake Shore League and the Badger Capitol Building Supply team from the Milwaukee Municipal League.

The small number of teams meant only a seven game schedule for each division. Wacker Cream City Sausage won Division A by a point over Bayern-Schlitz and Simmons Blues won Division B.

The Wisconsin Challenge Cup changed the format of its competition. The 14 teams entered into the cup were equally divided between Class A and Class B divisions with the division B winner qualifying for Class A competition. Division A teams were the Deutscher Sport Club of Racine, along with Bayern-Schlitz, Hungarian Tigers, Croatian Eagles, Vienna A.C., Pabst Blue Ribbons, and Wacker Cream City Sausages all from Milwaukee. Division B teams were Simmons Blues of Kenosha and F.C. Bayern of Sheboygan along with Badger Capitol Building Supply, F.C. Wacker second team, Bayern Bright Spots, Deutscher Brews, and Hungarian Tigers second team all of Milwaukee.

On September 1, 1935, the Simmons Blues beat F.C. Bayern of Sheboygan to win the Wisconsin Challenge Cup Division B final. With that win the Blues entered the second round of the Division A cup competition where they beat the Pabst Blue Ribbons on October 13 2-0 at Simmons field. The Blues then beat Deutscher Sport Club of Racine in the semifinals on November 10. But the match was protested by the Deutschers and ordered replayed. A replay was held on December 8 with the Deutschers beating Simmons 3-1.

Deutscher Sport Club of Racine withdrew from the WSSFL in March of 1936 due to unfair rulings by the WSFA. Their withdrawal put the Simmons Blues in the Wisconsin Challenge Cup final. The first game between Simmons and Vienna A.C. best two-out-of-three cup final was held on March 29, 1936 with Vienna winning 3-1 at Deutscher Sport field. The Viennas won the second match 4-1 on April 19 at Simmons field and took home the state cup.

All the WSSFL clubs took part in the Wisconsion qualifying rounds of the National Challenge Cup with Bayern-Schlitz and Vienna A.C. making it to the first round proper. The two teams met in the first round on March 8 at Wacker field with Vienna winning 5-4. A week later Vienna A.C. traveled to St. Louis to face Marres but lost 6-3 at Sportsman's Park.

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