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WSSFL 1925-26 season

Dec. 5, 2022 |  Categories:  Wisconsin   WSSFL  

During their August meeting, the Wisconsin State Soccer Football League decided to limit entry to 10 teams and set an entry fee of $10 including all expenses. A schedule for the 1925-26 season was drafted again in two halves - one in fall and one in the spring with the champion to have the highest percentage of wins for the entire season. The 10 teams that begin in mid-September were Viking A.C. and a reorganized Horlick team both from Racine, MacWhyte from Kenosha, plus Deutscher Sport Club, F.C. Wacker, Hungarian A.C., Milwaukee Vikings, Vienna A.C., Sons of St. George, and the St. George Blues all from Milwaukee.

Big changes occurred only a week into the season. On Friday, September 18, 1925, just before the second Sunday of the season, the Simmons, Nash, and MacWhyte companies pledged financial support to two soccer teams that would represent the city of Kenosha. The Kenosha Amateur Athletic Association was formed with one team, the Kenosha Reds, to replace the Simmons team which had started in the Chicago major class B league, and another team, the Kenosha Blues, to take over the MacWhyte franchise in the WSSFL. The bulk of the MacWhyte talent was used for the Kenosha Reds team.

The KAAA entered the Kenosha Reds into the National Challenge Cup. The Reds beat the Sons of St. George in the first qualifying round before 250 at Simmons Athletic Field on October 4, 1925. The Reds then defeated the British Legion team of Chicago in the next qualifying round and Buda A.A. of Harvey, Ill. in the third qualifying round. That win put the Kenosha Reds into the NCC proper. The Reds hosted Pullman F.C. on January 17, 1926. Tied 2-2 the game went into extra time but the contest was stopped at the 102nd minute due to darkness. The replay was postponed for two straight Sundays before Pullman F.C. blanked the Reds 4-0 on February 7 at the 103rd and Corliss Avenue field in Pullman, Ill.

A week later, the St. George Blues dropped out of the league and their place was taken by the F.C. Wacker 2nd team in mid-October. Vienna A.C. dropped out in mid-November and the Horlicks disbanded following the fall half which ended in late November.

Vienna A.C. returned to the WSSFL for the spring half which began in mid-April of 1926. The Sons of St. George teams and Milwaukee Vikings disbanded during the break. A newly organized, Deutscher Sport Verein of Milwaukee replaced the Milwaukee Vikings on the schedule. F.C. Wacker took the league title and the William Horlick trophy over runner-up Viking A.C.

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