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MDAFL 1915 season

Sept. 2, 2022 |  Categories:  MDAFL   Wisconsin  

Following the 1914-15 Milwaukee and District Association Football League, the Racine City club was replaced by two teams: Belle City; and Horlick's Racine. The former was a completely new organization while the latter was made up a group of veteran Racine players that had played together for a number of seasons.

The seven-team MDAFL would play a double round-robin entirely within the fall season. The league's 12-game schedule started in early September of 1915 and ran through early December. Following an 8-0 loss to the MacWhytes on November 14, the young Belle City disbanded and forfeited its remaining matches.

The top two teams in the league were again the Caledonians and MacWhytes. Entering the final match of the season, the Caledonians held a one point lead in the standings over the MacWhytes. Those two teams played on December 5 at Kenosha's West Prairie Avenue grounds. The MacWhytes had an easy time of it beating the Caledonians 6-2 with Joe Kolar scoring a hat trick. The teams ended the season one-two for the third straight year.

On March 18, 1916, the MDAFL held its annual meeting at the Blatz Hotel in Milwaukee. Thomas Cahill, secretary of the U.S.F.A., presented the MacWhyte team with gold medals for winning the state title three times in succession. At that meeting the league also decided to reorganize and form two separate sections: the Milwaukee Soccer League and the Kenosha and District Association Football League. While the latter league would not start full competition until the 1916-17 season, the Kenosha and Racine clubs would play friendlies for the benefit of the new league during the spring 1916 season.

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