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MDAFL 1914-15 season

Sept. 2, 2022 |  Categories:  MDAFL   Wisconsin  

Six teams returned for the 1914-15 season: Caledonians of Milwaukee; MacWhytes of Kenosha; Racine City; St. George's of Milwaukee; Vikings of Milwaukee; and Jeffery from Kenosha. The latter team was the new name of the Kenosha Ramblers as the Thomas B. Jeffery Company changed the branding of their automobiles from Rambler to Jeffery. The Lake Forest, Kenosha Rangers, and Waukegan teams did not return from the prior season.

The league would again be split into fall and spring seasons. The fall season ran from Sunday, October 4, 1914 through Sunday, November 1, 1914. The spring season began Sunday, April 4, 1915 and ended Sunday, May 2, 1915. With nine wins and one draw over the 10-game season, the MacWhytes had a relatively easy time defending their league title over second place Caledonians.

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