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MDAFL 1913-14 season

Sept. 2, 2022 |  Categories:  MDAFL   Wisconsin  

In September of 1913, the Milwaukee and District Association Football League admitted three new members: Lake Forest and Waukegan from Illinois; and the MacWhytes. The latter club was sponsored by the Macomber and Whyte Rope Company which had moved to Kenosha in 1912 from Coal City, Ill. The South Milwaukee team did not return from the spring season leaving the league with nine teams. Prior to the season the Racine club changed its name to the Racine Silver Moons.

The nine teams played a double round robin schedule split into fall and spring halves. The fall half ran from the first Sunday of October, 1913 to the last Sunday in November. The spring half began on Sunday, April 5, 1914 and ran through May 24, 1914.

On April 4, 1914, the Wisconsin State Football Association was organized at the Blatz Hotel in Milwaukee. The organization would be affiliated with the newly sanctioned United States of America Football Association. Dr. L. T. Brastad of Milwaukee was elected the WSFA's first president.

The MacWhytes and Caledonians ended up tied at the end of the league season. The league decided to play an additional match between the two to determine the MDAFL championship. The game was held on Sunday, June 28 at the Wisconsin-Illinois league ball park in Racine. The game ended in a scoreless draw after regulation and 30 minutes of extra time. A replay was held on July 19, 1914 at Kosciuszko Park in Milwaukee. The MacWhytes defeated the Caledonians 3-1 to win the 1913-14 MDAFL title.

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