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CFL 1914-15 season

Aug. 8, 2022 |  Categories:  CAFL  

The California Football Association held its annual meeting on August 8, 1914. Three new clubs were admitted: Clan Fraser; Caledonian Club; and Union Iron Works. All three clubs planned to apply to join the California Football League. Frederick Birdsell was elected president.

The CFL held its annual meeting in the Pacific building on August 15. The three new clubs plus the Olympic Club of San Francisco applied to join the league. Only the Olympic Club was admitted. The Rangers returned to Alameda and dropped "Oakland" from their name.

The CFL season began on Sunday, August 4, 1914. The Argonauts and Vampires shared Croll's gardens in Alameda. Alameda F.C. and the Alameda Rangers claimed Lincoln Park in Alameda as their home grounds. The Barbarians returned to San Francisco and shared Ocean Shore grounds at 12th and Mission Streets with the Thistles. The Burns Club and Pastime Club played at Freeman's Park in Oakland. The Olympics and San Francisco shared Recreation Park for most of the season, but In early February, the two teams moved to Ewing Field.

Due to a number of weather related postponements, the CFL season ended on Sunday, March 7, 1915. The Pastime Club won their third straight league title, the first team to pull off that feat. But the Pastimes were again knocked out in the CFA cup semifinals. This time it was the Barbarians who pulled of the upset. That club went on to win the cup final 4-1 over San Francisco on May 9, 1915 at Ewing Field.

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