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June 14, 2021 |  Categories:  Home  

I've been interested in the history of US soccer for as long as I can remember. When I built the original Soccer Almanac website as a place to compile soccer stats for the major US pro leagues, there were very little resources for that info. But, with the explosion of data analytics, that work is now better done by leagues and their media partners. And, while stats are an important part of the game, they don't mean much without context and the stories behind them. Plus, for far too long, US soccer history has only concentrated on those few big leagues.

So, I'm rebuilding Soccer Almanac. It's still going to be a data site, but the scope will be broadened beyond the handful of major leagues. I want it to be a trusted place where researchers, historians and anyone interested, can find a reliable historical record of clubs, leagues and organizations. And, soccer history is more than just data, so I'm hoping to use it as a place to talk about my ongoing research and to post written work.

[Originally posted on October 30, 2020]

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